Tuesday, March 11, 2008

God's Gift EA, 2 months, finally ... A loss !

First of all let me apologize for the diminished amount of posts I have published for the past month. I have been very busy with other projects so I haven't taken much time to write articles, on the other hand, I don't have many experts to review as I currently have only 2 in forward testing.

Now to the God's Gift expert advisor results... I have to say, I like this expert advisor a little bit more every day that I see it trade. It caught twelve profitable trades in a row, over a little bit less than two months. It has shown great accuracy with it's trades, only risking a moderate amount of pips (70) on each trade.

The ea attained it's first loss yesterday when it hit a stoploss on the GBP/USD after taking a dramatically wrong sell order just before 5 consecutive positive hours for the pound. I have to say, I am in part relieved by the expert starting to take some loses, I really want to see if the expert can live up to it's back testing results and provide a maximum draw down smaller than 15%. Currently, maximum draw down is 3.9%.

Well, I will review this expert again the following month when I hope we will have a better idea on the amount of draw down. If it exceeds 15% I will stop the expert advisor, if it does not, I will continue forward testing it until it does or until we have 2 years of forward testing. Best luck to you all on your trading !


Chee Keong said...

Hi Daniel,

Are we required to change any settings in this EA due to change of DST recently?


CKH said...

Btw, what is the other EA you are testing now besides God's Gift?

Allan said...

Hi Daniel,
May i know where to download it?


Spiderweb said...

hi Daniel a have to send a donate how i dwload the ea God's Gift ATR and settings i dont now how settings i change if you send to me your settings for testing this Ea!
How time-frame is works and Pars???

Best Regards,

Paulo Santos

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