Wednesday, January 2, 2008, A vps Review for Mt4 Expert Advisors

When we all get serious about using expert advisors for trading, one of our first absolute needs becomes finding a reliable vps. A vps or virtual private server is a computer server in which you load your metatrader program and your expert advisors, the server stays on almost all the time , having a 99,99% uptime is required for trading.

I searched a lot for a decent, cheap, reliable vps service. Finally, I found exactly what I was looking for. At, for the small price of 25 USD a month, you get a fully configurable and installed virtual private server. You can use enough RAM to load about 7 instances of metatrader while your expert advisors and your resources are limited to about 25% of the actual servers (which are quad core, dual processor, Xeons). This setup is so good, it was good enough for performing quantum chemical calculations which are very computationally demanding.

I have been with them for about 4 months and they have not disappointed me once. Their support is super quick and I have never had any downtime with my expert advisors (I use resources a lot with about 5 instances running all the time). I login using remote desktop which makes the vps just like your home computer.I also upload files using the ftp client and server filezilla (which I installed by myself).

I also never reboot my vps owing to the fact that this affects the performance of experts which rely on factors that are reset when metatrader is restarted. Overall I think this vps service is top notch, also a plus is that you do not need to purchase a domain name to open up your account and start your server. I would highly recommend vpsland to anyone out there who seriously considers trading using a virtual private server.

If you want to learn more about expert advisors you can run in your vps you can look at my expert advisor reviews which can be accessed from the drop down menu on the left sidebar. If you want to learn about expert advisor evaluation, why most commercial expert advisors fail and how you can start to profit using long term stable strategies please consider buying my ebook on automated trading or subscribing to my weekly newsletter to receive updates and check the live and demo accounts I am running with several expert advisors. I hope you enjoyed the article !


Miroslav said...

Which VPS package did you buy at
Was that Linux or Windows VPS?

How much memory does it take to run an EA? How about hard drive space? Isn't that dependent on the EA, and how does one go about finding the max memory and disk space consumption for a portfolio of EAs?

Mi nombre es Daniel said...

I bought the Windows VPS (otherwise you cannot run metatrader). I bought the most basic windows package.

I have not measured the amount of memory necessary to run an ea.

To measure a portfolio memory needs you would need to test it in a regular computer and see the memory and cpu usage of the metatrader application in the task manager.

As I wrote in the post though, I run several instances of metatrader,more than 10 experts and no problems.

kmmc said...


I was just wondering if you were still using VPSLand? And would you still recommend them?


NaMiDani said...

geez....10 EA at many pair do you trade?

Gabriel said...

Hello Daniel,
Gabriel Voican, Romania.

I have a question about VPS Land services.
I have an EA, and I am looking for a VPS Hosting for it.
They have 3 different plans: Lite[512RAM/HDD6GB/200GB/mo]
Starter[1024/HD10GB/300GG/mo] Value[1280RAM/HDD15GB/400GB/mo]
Q: Which one fits my needs? Which one should I choose? Which one do you recomand me? I want to let it be there on VPS, I want to have full acces on VPS, to install a broker, etc.

Please send me an response.

Thank you so much for all your effort put into this blog.

thuongmaivietnam said...

find more information

fxt said...

For those of you looking for a VPS Service to host your metatrader and trading software check out this one


I know there are a few others out there, but this one lets you run more than one metatrader without having to pay extra.

Goldman Sax said...

I also am very happy with their service and I have run up to 7 instances of MT4 with numerous pairs spread over the different accounts.

More info about EAs on VPS at:

Tom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tom said...

Please look at to get a trading account specific to FOREX trading, and get free professional support with your account as well. We are not just a hosting company, we offer specific tools for forex clients to trade, and be successful!

IƱaki said...

I bought the most basic plan from vpsland, but I have no idea how to work with this hosting plan.
I have no CPanel or Plesk, No FTP data sent to me...
nothing about metatrader platform after login...

I thought it was going to be a bit easier.

Anyone can help me?

jorgon said...

I signed up for a 3dgwebhosting Metatrader1 VPS account at $15 per month with 512MB RAM and Windows 2003 Server and I am very pleased with it. Signing up for the account and setting it up was completed quickly at the weekend and outside working hours for Canada where the server is based. My two Metatrader accounts (different forex brokers) work well on this account. On one of the accounts I was unable to login at first, which was an issue with the port being closed on the host's firewall, but this was dealt with within minutes of my raising it with 3dgwebhosting.

Tom said...

None of these accounts even compare with zuit's, we do not charge extra for support, you are not charged for managed servers, as that is included, and basically at the end of the day you will be paying more than the flat 29.99 price for less resources. The true forex and VPS experts lye at Zuit.

jorgon said...

Tell me, Tom, why anyone would pay Zuit $29.99 per month when other VPS providers offer a similar service at a more reasonable cost?

Tom said...

29.99 includes the support of anything to do with your metatrader and EA environment, as well as we offer tools to be able to be successful in the forex business, not just VPS support. Our infrastructure is built for enterprise customers, and we allow for personal use such as forex clients. If you are looking for incredably low latency, high referrel, and the ability to use our network for free with just utilizing our referrel system then zuit is your answer. If you are looking for somebody hosting 30 machines on a shared machine that does not have the ability to migrate you to faster machines upon demand then you can go with the other guys. Hope to see you all at zuit, our network is waiting for you.

Goldman Sax said...

In spite of what I posted earlier, I recently cancelled my subscription with ForexVPS ( due to severeley deteriorating service over the past 6 months and excessive downtime. I had to find a new provider as they were unable to restore my system after a crash.

My current recommendation is the $30 per month starter service from Commercial Network Services, serving clients in over 100 countries since 1995. CNS provides pre-installed Windows Server software and other programs including the MetaTrader 4 platform.

CNS set me up within a couple of hours over a weekend (in comparison to ForexVPS/vpsland who took several days, and there have been numerous and currently unresolved problems since). After a month, CNS is definitely faster access and superior in many respects.

CNS has servers in both San Diego and New York and soon will have a third node based in the UK for British and European traders and clients.

More at

jorgon said...

Tom, I know you are trying to promote something and I appreciate that you have a wonderful command of sales jargon, but I need to say something to those who are thinking of setting up their Metatrader account on a VPS. That is, the process is very simple. Once your VPS is available (you will be notified by the VPS provider), you open "Remote Desktop Connection" from your start menu on your PC, then insert the IP address and login and password (provided by the VPS provider). Click "connect" and you are then connected to your VPS which is just like looking at the screen on your own PC. Then to get Metatrader running on the VPS you simply load it the same way as you loaded it onto your PC. Then login to your forex broker using the Metatrader account details. To transfer files to the VPS such as an expert adviser, open Windows Explorer (or My Computer) on the VPS, from which you can see the files both on the VPS and on your own PC. Copy and paste the files into the "expert" folder and restart Metatrader. That's all you have to do. As for "offering tools to be able to be successful in the forex business", I am very skeptical about that.

Tom said...

skeptical or not there are a few things that are very important in trading. Consistant fast internet, a VPS on a server that is not overloaded, and robots that trade profitable. bottom line. Without those three things you will probably not be successful in this business.. This is what zuit offers, and as well we offer "tools" graphs of EA's that us and our customers use of what is successful. If there is anybody out there that is "skeptical" become a customer, It is not very much money to ensure your profitability in the market. If you are worried about 15 dollars then you arent trading in forex, as that is small potato's in this world...

jorgon said...

This is blatant marketing which is not appropriate.

Billytwosheds said...

A lot of food for thought there guys! I am particularly struck by the comment about not rebooting, so as to not affect settings, i did not know that. Assuming maybe wrongly! - that most people are using FAP, megadroid or IVY, is there a consensus from the robot makers around any particular server? Bill.

Tom said...

Think you read it too fast, Reboots are necessary sometimes still, Its still windows.

Daniel said...

Hello Everyone,

Well, I wrote this post a while ago, so my opinions have with no doubt changed a little bit. I still use VPSland for most of my EA hosting and now, after 2 years of continued hosting I can say that their support has been top notch and they've offered everything I could expect from their service. I do know that some people have had different results, but as far as my personal experience goes, vpsland is a good deal for the price. However I do understand that more robust vps providers are needed when larger sums of money are in play, for this, I use CNS which has also given me a top notch service. About rebooting, I never reboot my VPS, with adequate handling on your MT4 platforms you can avoid memory leaks and other problems that would make reboots necessary. I have been doing this for 2 years and with only about 6 reboots (done to install security updates) everything has been going on perfectly. As I say, I prefer this to maintain continuity on all my testing.

Thanks to everyone for all the comments,

Best Regards,


Max M. said...

Hi Daniel, I higlhy respect you and your blog. Thanks for your hard work and research.
But with VPSLand I had a very bad experience, from assistance (almost never able to chat) to instability to connection problems to slow system.
I'm just leaving them and would not advise your clients to go with it.

Tom said...

Come to zuit, i will take care of your needs. Sign up at We offer a money back guarantee, and any forex support you need. Our latest promotion offers free VPS for signing up with our partner brokerage, and we also offer yearly access for $199. you can see these specials at

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Dewi said...

I will install MT4 to VPSLanf. Thanks you. :)

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