Thursday, January 3, 2008

Doubleplay v 4.0 expert advisor, Live Forward Testing

I have just started the forward testing of Doubleplay v 4.0 on one of my live accounts. I will rely solely on the trading made by Doubleplay to profit.

The account I am testing the expert on is a mini IBFX account so I have set the mini variable to true. I have kept all further settings at their default value with a 5% risk factor.

Since live testing results made by Hal himself and other traders (link at the bottom of the left column) have shown this expert to be profitable (and I have found Doubleplay v 3.5 to be profitable also) I find it reasonable to give this expert a chance in forward testing. As usual, statements and results will be commented weekly.

I hope this expert delivers as much as its predecessor !

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