Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pointbreak, Week 3, Ranging Market, Ouch !

Throughout all my Pointbreak reviews I have clearly stated that Pointbreak is a trend following expert advisor. It does extremely well in trending markets, always locking in profit when such a market setup occurs.

And then ranges happen. Pointbreak does very poorly in ranging markets as we would have expected from both the ea logic and the information given to us by the expert's creators. This week has been clearly very rangy in the EUR/USD pair and of course, Pointbreak has accumulated significant draw down. I have to say it does not surprise me as I had been warned before about the temporary draw down on this kind of market.

This week or weeks are likely to be an endurance test for this expert advisor. We will see how pointbreak handles ranging markets and we will see if it amounts to draw down below the 10% threshold which would be unacceptable for such conservative trading.

Well, the EUR/USD is mainly a trending pair so we will most likely see the ea come back to life when the pair starts trending again - which is by far - most of the time. As always you can check the trading statement here.


ckowyong said...

good review mate :O)

i think you have articulated it well. i too hope the the trend will come back and allow PointBreak to do what it does best... ie. riding on trends.

i think we started off testing this EA at a very good time... the ranging market is allowing us to understand this EA better... especially it's weakness.

hope to see it's strengths revealed soon.

- ck

DavidP said...

I have installed the indicator GodsGift but the message "Time for ytrade has not come else!". This has been on for week now what should I do to get the program operational?
Thank you

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