Saturday, January 19, 2008

Doubleplay v 4.0 Live Testing

As you may know, I stopped doubleplay's live trading as the expert advisor seemed to have a fundamental flawed related to the delay feature which prevents the opening of a position as soon as another one closes.

I was actually right. Hal, the creator of the expert, answered my email promptly telling me that other traders had also made the exact same complaint. As a result, Hal emailed me a fixed version of the expert advisor which is now in a live forward test using an interbankfx mini account I use for this purpose. The account has a hundred US dollars and will start trading tomorrow, Sunday, January the 20th as soon as the market opens.

First results and review will be published after two weeks of testing. Wish me luck !


Recoil said... you know what impact setting the "mini" feature to "true" has? I am also a recent DP purchaser, and since the EA says it employs money management based on equity in the account, I'm not sure what a "mini" setting would do. Thx...Neil

Mi nombre es Daniel said...

The mini setting just changes the contract size, so set it to true if you have a mini account that way the ea knows your contract size is 10000 instead of 100000 and thus trades percentages accordingly.

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