Monday, December 10, 2007

Suggest Your Best Expert Advisor

I have been thinking about designing at least three free expert advisor portfolios. The objective is to buttress my idea that several free expert advisors can remain profitable in a wide range of market conditions. Although I know several free expert advisors, my knowledge is rather limited.

Therefore I appeal to my readers. If you happen to know any free forex expert advisors which you think are profitable, please do suggest them so that I can include them inside one of my portfolios. The experts must follow these guidelines :

- Must be completely free (source code available)
- Must have a stop loss
- Must be a trending, ranging or breakout expert advisor
- Must have a magic number (so that it can trade with other experts)

Please suggest any experts that meet this criteria and you feel could provide a very good addition to my free expert advisor portfolios. Just leave a comment !

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