Monday, December 10, 2007

New Expert Advisor Portfolio and Statements

I have decided to start another expert advisor portfolio test using the following four expert advisors (which seem like good choices).

ADXCROSSAutotrade - This expert advisor is simply an ADX indicator based ea. This means that it is supposed to be able to predict reversals and corrections. (EUR/USD 15min)

Ichimoku5 - This expert was developed by the Japanese and is mainly focused on trend following (JPY/USD 1 Day)

Moneymaker v2 - This ea is different from the one in my reviews (which I purchased from ebay) this one is based on the GBP/USD pair and has a stoploss (also different logic). It seems that this ea follows trends but it also seems capable of managing a little bit of range.

UniversalMAcrossEA - This ea is based on simple moving average crossings, although it has some good money management features. (USD/CHF 1 hour)

I just started it today on a 10,000 demo account. Let's hope that it will perfom in a profitable manner. As usual, I will be posting the Statements in a week. I have also updated the results from my first expert advisor portfolio. As I predicted, the portfolio gave back a lot of it's profit but it is getting ground back though ! Check the statement here . I have also uploaded all the experts to my ftp server here in case you want to download them. Last but not least, a small peak of the action happening (artificial intelligence ea, on the first portfolio)

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