Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Forex Expert Advisors : Forex Wealth Robot, an Unbiased Review

It seems that new robots keep comming out everyday ! A few days ago someone left a message on the website's chat asking me to review a new forex trading system called Forex Wealth Robot. In order to honour this visitor's request I will be writting about this trading system today. Within the next few paragraphs you will find my analysis of the evidence provided on the system's website. I will talk about the reliability of the evidence and if it can or cannot backup the author's claims about the systems profitability. I will then examine the evidence in detail and give you my opinion about the Forex Wealth Robot's profitability and whether or not it is actually worth buying and testing. Is this expert advisor able to deliver consistent, huge profits in forex trading ? Can it live up to its work ? Is there actually proof to backup the author's claims ? Keep reading to find out !

The website starts with a very misleading statement, telling you that you could make more than 8K in one day in 2010 with "default settings" however no reference is ever made about initial trading capital or the risk taken to bank those 8K. It always upsets me that these EA sellers target new traders in such a blunt and bold faced manner without any ethics or honesty. The claim made of an 8K profit in one day simply makes no sense. Besides, the fact that there is no evidence that this trade was EVER taken in the real market points out that this trade was never placed and no one EVER banked those 8K.

The Forex Wealth Robot does not do any better after this, the rest of the website talks about an obviously false story about a guy who worked for a "huge bank" and "stole" their automated trading system only to make a metatrader EA and sell it. Yeah right. But well, I don't care about the story as long as the evidence provided is able to backup the sellers claims about the systems profitability.

However, when we look at the available evidence of profitability we find - sadly and not surprisingly - only backtesting results which don't have even full statements available. All we see are pieces of backtesting statementes which are portrayed as being results of live trades. This is absolutely dishonest as it is misleading people not familiar with the statements to believe that the system was traded live and made those profits when the reality is that those trades were NEVER taken on any live account. The messages on top of this hand-picked sections of the backtest are also cleverly placed to hide SL and TP values, reason why we cannot truly estimate the trading tactic or risk to reward ratio of the system.

Evenmore, the extent of the backtesting periods shown is not known and clear 10 year backtesting statements are simply NOT available. There is also a total absence of any live testing information so we cannot trust the validity of the backtesting results as live/back testing consistency results cannot be taken into account. In the end, this trading system seems to be a lot of hype and a complete absence of any real and reliable evidence. Due to the misleading picturing of information, the complete absence of full backtesting statements and - more importantly - due to the TOTAL absence of investor-access verified live trading results, this trading system is DEFINITELY NOT worth buying and testing. This guy who is a so called "proffesional" does not even trust his system enough to risk his own money, he doesn't show any real evidence of his supposed "success" with the system neither does he show his "beta-tester" results, which SHOULD be available according to the story. This truly is not only a display of an untested and very hyped system but a perfect example of dishonest and unethical behavior.

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