Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Forex Expert Advisors : The Forex Accumulator an unbiased review

A few days ago I met a website visitor on the site's chat who asked me about the forex accumulator and forex poison expert advisors. Given the fact that I had never heard of any of the two, I decided to take a look at them and write my honest opinion about their trading techniques and their potential for long term profitability. On this post I am going to concentrate on reviewing the forex accumulator expert advisor.

A first glance at the expert's website shows, yet again, another automated trading system aimed at luring new traders into buying it with the regular marketing techniques which by now have become an everyday thing for expert advisor sellers. This however, as I always say, is no reason to judge or look away from the expert. I never judge any expert advisors by their marketing techniques, I always look at the trading statements and the evidence they provide and then I judge if they would merit testing or not through my experience with automated trading systems.

This EA is an outrage. It had been a while since I last saw an expert that had such little evidence to prove it's claims. First of all, the backtesting statements shown by the expert's creator shows only a 25% quality. For god's sake, a 5 year old can program a system that makes profit under a 25% modeling quality. If even at 90% modeling quality there are many many things that can go wrong I have no words for everything that can happen at a 25% modeling quality. Trying to lure people into buying an expert or trying to prove that what they are saying is true by showing this is just being naive.

After that we only see a few part statements with outrageous claims which, if actually happen, only mean that this expert has a bestial market exposure which from the equity curves would suggest an expert that either does not close it's trades with draw down at all or has a very large stop loss with a huge risk to reward ratio. I would have to say that they must think people are really stupid if they pretend to sell this system with such a low level of proof of anything at all. Of course in my opinion this system is totally NOT worth buying and I would even say that it is not worth even looking at the website.

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