Thursday, February 12, 2009

FX-GTC Expert Advisor Company an Unbiased Review

I have to say, I had a good image of FX-GTC last November when I decided to purchase their Evolution EUR/JPY trading system. This expert advisor making company seemed very serious, showed back, forward and live testing statements on their website and seemed to have some solid, good products. Now the story is a little bit differente and the reason why I decided to write this post, is to tell you all how my views on forex global trading company or fx-gtc have changed.

First of all, there is the Evolution EUR/JPY system. I purchased the system and everything went well with that. Unfortunately, the company never responded several emails sent by myself asking questions about the system and the trading accounts they had given me access to. If there is one thing I hate about companies is when they do not answer emails, at least some companies take their time but eventually answer them. This company has taken more than 3 months to answer an email, that is just great.

After, there is the system itself. After more than 3 months of forward testing, the EUR/JPY system has been proven to be unprofitable. Yes, the ea which apparently had more than a year of live testing, didn't work anymore. Ok, I've seen this happen, no problem, the markets can change and experts can cease to work. This is the reason why they no longer offer this system which was supposed to be "long term" profitable.

When I purchased this, it stated that if an ea was not profitable for 3 months I had the right to a refund. I requested one both by email and plimus and guess what ? I am being totally ignored. So unproffesional from a company to do this. They say they refuse refunds for purchases after January (well, in my opinion it seems that their systems were unprofitable since October and they were getting too much "refund policy abuse") but my purchase was done in early November, so I have the right for a refund. Well, they do not answer so I guess I'll never know.

Well, I have purchase unprofitable expert advisors before, I am not complaining about that since market conditions can change and they are not wizards and neither am I. But there is something I expect from an expert advisor company such as fx-gtc and that is proffesional customer service. This is something I didn't get and a paramount reason why I will not do anymore business with the forex global trading company (fx-gtc). Furthermore I still have some things to say about their Xtreme scalping trading systems, so stay tuned for further comments of systems by fx-gtc.

I finally got a refund from my purchase by claiming it through Plimus. Fx-GTC never replied any of my emails and claimed that the dispute had been settle via email (when I did my plimus claim) . It seems that plimus understood my claims were legitimate and decided to grant me a refund ! If Fx-gtc agreed or disagreed, I will never know.

If you would like to learn more about the results I had with the evolution system purchased from fx-gct and other results I had with free and commercial expert advisors systems please consider buying my ebook on automated trading or subscribing to my weekly newsletter to receive updates and check the live and demo accounts I am running with several expert advisors. I hope you enjoyed the article !

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BigSlick said...


I really enjoy this site! Finally someone wring about EAs unbiased, no hype, no BS!!

Keep up the good work!

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