Friday, January 15, 2010

The Newsletter... Now Asirikuy :o)

Almost a year and a half ago I began a newsletter subscription service which provided people with a weekly newsletter in which I described my demo and live testing performance every week. Through time, the newsletter evolved to be something much more complex with the addition of FTP access to files, weekly additions of trading videos, third party testing accounts, etc. Today I must say that the traditional newsletter subscription which was accessed through this website does not exist anymore... Now we have something which is way better ! Asirikuy ( !

After a lot of interaction with my customers I discovered that many of my newsletter subscribers did not have a holistic approach towards EA trading and my newsletter was not helping them as much as it could. Some people entered my newsletter with the hopes of just looking at my live results, taking the best performing EA and running it on their live accounts to become profitable. I realized that I wasn't conveying my views on long term profitability to all my subscribers. Some people did not understand the fact that profitable EA trading is not an easy thing to do and much more than simply setting an EA to trade on a VPS, I think that undestanding this is vital to achieve success. However I found out that those customers who purchased my ebook and were in the newsletter for a while soon became familiar and understood the way in which I approached automated trading, something which I hope has greatly helped them achieve success in the forex market using automated trading systems.

However I was still not happy with this approach and I decided to change the whole thing and turn it into a new project. Asirikuy. The Asirikuy website is the culmination of more than 2 years of experience in the field of automated trading systems. It is a website in which I will try to convey people my full vision on automated trading and to help them REALLY become long term profitable in this field of business. I live from the systems I have programmed and trade and I know that automated trading is not merely a matter of "set and forget". Being profitable in automated trading is something difficult which requires commitment and more importantly, an in-depth, real understanding of what you are doing. With Asirikuy I seek to give traders this : a true understanding.

To achieve all these goals, Asirikuy's contents will have all my ebook's contents plus all the previous newsletter contents in a very easy to use website which will help traders get easy access to all the information they need to succeed. After going through the ebook and all the trading material I am very confident that traders will have a very good knowledge about how I believe long term profitability is achieved and how I approach the world of forex automated trading in general. I consider Asirikuy to be the ideal start for anyone who wants to succeed with trading systems in the long term.

Asirikuy's subscription will cost 30.12 USD for the first month (which is due to the fact that you are getting access to all ebook and newsletter content) and then 7.21USD after that (which was the regular price for the newsletter). The new approach allows me to handle everything in the same place and give traders all the knowledge and understanding of the market they need to succeed. If you had previously purchased the ebook you can get access to the subscription for 7.21USD per month without paying the initial 30.12 USD. Just send me an email and I'll give you a link to subscribe for 7.21 USD from the first month.

If you are interested in joining Asirikuy you can go to the website's join page or pay using the paypal or alertpay links shown. Your login and password for asirikuy will be sent to you within 24 hours of your purchase. Thank you very much in advance for all your interest and purchases !


Anonymous said...

before buying the Bogie-NN-v8, you should read the "Bogie-NN-v8 vs Forex_Nn: Red Alert !" Thread at

Don`t buy this stolen product!!!!

Daniel said...

Thank you very much for the information newbee, I will definetely look into it and ask my share of questions about this on the live interview programmed with William this Saturday

Fxa said...

Pls check your regarding pymt for combo from xxxxof@yandex.Waiting for reply.Thanks.

Public Trading said...

Please check my paiment
my email:


Daniel said...

All the subscription information has already been sent to your emails. Thank you very much for your purchases !

eltondh said...

daniel i just downloaded the updated e-book and i would like to try the SDS ea. looking at the statement in the SDS folder you traded the eur/usd. could you please send me info on what time frame i should use and other settings, should i use the default e-mail is
thank you very much

Ryan said...

Daniel, i have subscribe for your newslater but i didnt see any newsletter from u. which email you use?

Daniel said...

Hello Ryan,

I send the emails from my paypal address so you may want to add this email to your safe list so that the messages are not blocked by your email provider's filters. Send me an email and I'll resend you yesterday's newsletter !

Best Regards,


tansuo said...

Hi Daniel,

I agree with you that "a long term profitable expert advisor" is more valuable than big short term wins followed by bigger losses.

Could you advise: by using your service,

1) Do I get to receive and use one or more than one EAs in my live account?

2) For each of the EAs, do I get to trade one pair or more pairs?

3) Can I trade all the EAs or all the traded pairs in one live account?

4) Of the EAs that you are testing (Doubleplay (b), Trend Tracer (b) , Bogie (b), Shark (b), Viseu (b) , DTS-1 (c) , Ninja Turtle trading system (b, Stochastics ea (b), God's Gift (b), God's Gift ATR (my personal modification to this ea)(c), My Turtle Trading System 2 (c), 8and8 ea (c), Double Eagle Breakout(b), the Simple Daily System (b), GBP/JPY Breakout (c), andTrend Daily Finder ATR (b) expert advisors) are you saying they are all long term profitable expert advisors?

5) Do you help me with setups, presets, etc.?

Many thanks.

Daniel said...

Hello Tansuo,

Thank you very much for your interest. I will now try to answer your questions :

1. You receive all the experts that are free or that I have programmed, you get to download them from the ftp. This experts include the preset files used for testing.

2. Each EA works for a determined set of pairs, some have only been tested for one, so the answer would be that it depends on the EA you intend to use.

3.No, I do not advice you do this since this means that money management becomes "affected" between experts (because they all make/lose money in different times). I would advice you split your money into smaller accounts if you intend to trade more than one EA. I recommend only one instance of an EA be traded per live accounts.

4.No, all the experts tested were once "under suspicion" of being long term profitable. Some still hold this promise while others have been discarded. Those that are still being tested are still suspected of being long term profitable. Those that are not tested anymore have either been discarded, upgraded or changed for a specific reason.

5. Of course, I always offer my personal help to my newsletter subscribers. I will answer any questions you may have via email and we may even have skype chats if you require more personalized attention.

You are very welcome. Thanks again for stopping by and for your interest in my weekly newsletter and expert advisors,

Best Regards,


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