Saturday, February 2, 2008

Free Expert Advisor Portfolio, Week 9, Giving up Profits

This week has not been a very good one for our free forex expert advisor portfolio. The expets suffered a lot of draw down owing to unstable market conditions attributable to the FOMC meetings and the NFP release.

The portfolio gave back it's profits up to almost a 10% profit margin. The expert that suffered the most throughout the news sessions was Moneymaker v2, which tanked towards the bottom with each negative trade. For some reason I have not been able to activate the stoploss on this ea. Even though I have set the variables to reasonable quantities.

The other experts somehow hedged Moneymaker's bad performance on the NFP, which was the greatest looser because it involved a sudden change in market direction, had the trade been the other way, the ea would have collected a juicy profit.

Nevertheless, this expert advisor portfolio is far away from finished as it still retains a 5% monthly profit margin and hopefully it will recover in the following weeks which will be free from these news releases which are by far the worst.

I will maintain the portfolio running as long as it remains above the 10,000 starting capital. If it goes below this level, I will take it out as there would be no point in having this automated trading setup. As always, the trading statement can be seen here.

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