Thursday, January 24, 2008

Free Expert Advisor Portfolio, Week 8, Up and Running !

This week has been a very bumpy one for the free expert advisor portfolio 2. As I have also had some time, I have paid close attention to almost all of it's trades, understanding what it has for it and what it has against it.

This week saw a major surge in profit with a gain up to 15,000 which stands at the 50% profit line. Then it dropped (as I would have expected) to more discrete levels at 13,000 which is a modest profit of 30%.

Up until now, the portfolio has showed us it can deliver a 15% average monthly profit, it has also survived almost two months of forward testing, which I say, cannot be said for about 90% of all the expert advisors out there (and probably not about the individual experts in the portfolio by themselves).

I have also seen that the portfolio has both strengths and weaknesses. The portfolio is strongest in trending markets, being very oscillating around moderately ranging markets. Ichimoku5 seems to take trades permanently while Moneymaker v2 is more peaceful (so to speak) in it's trading. Moneymaker's entries are much better than Ichimoku's which seems to trade long term market direction.

Up until now, the portfolio is still up and running, giving us a pleasent surprise about what can be achieved with a combination of free experts. I will hopefully start running another portfolio sometime during the following month. As always, the trading statement for this portfolio can be found here.

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