Thursday, January 17, 2008

Free Expert Advisor Portfolio 2, Week 7, Above the 20s

This week has been very interesting for the Free expert advisor portfolio. The portfolio has managed to keep profits above the 20% mark which seemed to be very hard only a few weeks ago. I just came in from a small vacation near my hometown and was extremely pleased with the results I found for this very neat combination of experts.

As always, the most active experts have proven to be Ichimoku5 and Moneymaker, with the ADXCrosstrader also making profits this week (probably due to all the activity on the EUR/USD pair).

I have to say, this portfolio has gone way beyond what I thought it could achieve. Sustaining profit throughout almost 2 complete months of forex trading, including holiday trading which is by far the toughest.

The portfolio has also managed not to increase it's maximum or relative draw downs keeping them near a 25% level which I think is relatively acceptable for a 10% monthly profit margin. As always the trading statement can be seen here.


Miroslav said...

Could you explain how to set up a portfolio of EAs in the Strategy Tester for backtesting with historical data?

Also, how to set the same portfolio of EAs in a live account?

Could you also make available the free EAs that you used in your recent tests of portfolios of free EAs?

Thank you so much!

Recoil said...

Curious as to why you're using MoneyMaker when in November you said you hated it and got a refund?

Mi nombre es Daniel said...

I'm sorry for the confusion, both experts are called the same way but are totally different, you should have missed that on my first post about the free expert portfolio. The one I bought in ebay and the moneymaker I talk about in the free expert portfolio are completely different experts, but have the same name. It's no surprise a good name as moneymaker is so common !

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